Progress on the new Apple Campus in Austin

I’ve always been intrigued by construction processes. I watched a nearby construction site mutate on a weekly basis with piles of dirt moving from one end to the other and then back, wondering what in the heck is the purpose of all of that. Anyway, my recent purchase of a Mavic Mini has allowed me to spy on construction sites in progress.

For example, Apple has started work on a huge new campus here in Austin Texas. A couple of weeks ago massive cranes showed up. From the road you really can’t see much of anything, but with a drone, you can get a birds-eye view of things.

Construction site for the new Austin Campus being built by Apple – as of July 7, 2020

Even with an artists rendering of the plan I still can’t really identify the areas of the construction. I’ve done my best to match my photo up with the position and perspective of the rendering. I’ve gotten used to using the “Panorama Stitching Mini” app, and due to the size of the construction site, I had to use the tool to build a view that includes roughly the same area as the rendering.


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