I got my email alert for today’s partial lunar eclipse a few days ago from calsky.com.  I checked out where it was going to be and how dark it would be. Turns out it was perfect for a shot I’ve been wanting to do since we moved into this house.  The maximum eclipse (for my location) was right at sunset, about 5 degrees in altitude, and almost precisely lined up with the front of my house.

You see, unless it’s still daytime, a full moon is normally so bright that it’s difficult to compose into a photo of anything else.  My hope was that the moon being partially eclipsed and low on the horizon would darken it a bit.  With the sun setting at the same time I would get an easy to photograph low contrast composition.  I also had the advantage of it being “golden hour”.  It worked out pretty well except for a couple of small trees in the way.  By getting ~400 ft from my house I was able to use a zoom lens (at about 170mm and 1.6x crop factor) to make the moon look bigger.  I had carefully verified that I would have the right angle on our house and was able to get this shot.


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